The Dans Lab., aka the Computational Biophysics group, is part of the Department of Biological Sciences from the Regional University Center (CENUR) located in Uruguay's north riverside. At Dans Lab., we are passionate about the intricate adventures that macromolecules have in their biological context, so we devote our efforts to spy and analyze them by using molecular modelling, in silico simulations, and structural bioinformatics, with a multiscale perspective.

miniABC web tool 
Predict the ground-state conformation of any B-DNA sequence, based on MD simulations and our extended
Calladine-Dickerson rules.


veriNA3D package 
An R package built on top of Bio3D for the analysis of nucleic acid structural data, with emphasis on RNA molecules and the power to handle large structural datasets.
MC-DNA suite
Taking advantage of the extended
next-to-nearest neighbor model and Monte Carlo simulations, DNA and Protein-DNA structure and dynamics is predicted.
All-atom force field parameters
PARMBSC1 force field for DNA simulations & parameters of epigenetically modified nucleobases.


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