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Look at our last article (pre-print) on the intrinsic impact of genome-wide epigenetic methylation!

The result of a long fruitful collaboration between several groups led to this final work where we studied the effects of CpG methylation at genome-scale using haploid yeast cells. Yeast lacks the required machinery to write, read and process 5-methyl-cytosine epigenetic modifications. We then expressed Murine DNA Methyl Transferases enzyme in yeast to study the intrinsic impact of genome-wide methylation.

Our work was to integrate two coarse-grained models of chromatin and chromosomes to HiC and MNase-seq experimental data and provide a 3D analysis of the reorganization of the yeast nucleus before and after methylation.

The work is in revision at Nature Comm, so cross your fingers! Hope you like it. Your comments are always welcome!

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